Perfect Mash

How do you make the perfect mash?

Well it all starts with the potato!
For mashing you want a potato which is low in water content and high in starch, using a potato which holds these characteristics is key for the perfect mash.
Now you say what is the best potato which fits this description?
I say the Agria, a light fluffy potato which breaks up easily when cooked and absorbs and holds flavour well.

Here’s some key tips on making the perfect mash.

  • Use Agria or other high starch potatoes.
  • Generously salt your boiling water.
  • Add a clove of garlic to your boiling water, it will add flavour and softens like the potatoes when cooked and mashes into the potato well.
  • Use good heaped dessert spoon of butter and full fat milk to achieve a creamy texture.
  • Make sure you give your mash a good seasoning with salt and pepper before you serve.

Hope this helps.

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