The Chiquita

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The Chiquita

Handmade flour tortilla topped with baby rocket, chili tomato shredded
chicken, cinnamon pickled onions and avocado crema.

Would you like the recipe for the shredded chicken to make at home?
Well comment below!!!

p.s 2 chicken breasts shred out to be enough for a family of 4, you can have tacos, burritos, or over rice or salad the possibility’s are endless!!

A Success Story

Happy Days

Taco Takeover

So today I did my first pop up taco stall, selling 30 handmade tacos.

Friday 21st March; Bbq Pulled Pork on Handmade Tortilla topped with Chargrilled Corn and Pickled Cucumber Salad finished with Sour Cream.

Taco Time

I started selling my Tacos at 11.30am within 23 minutes I was sold out and had to turn away customers. However I did say come back next week, same time same place, NEW FLAVOUR!!

I cook with bold flavours, this pop up enabled me to share with my community a piece of my life. Food  is more than an energy to me it is my life and today I made a great achievement by sharing my love with others. See smiles on their faces after the first bites from them returning and saying that was delicious you should be proud. Thank so much to everyone who came down and supported me today if it wasn’t for you I would have had to eat a lot of Tacos to myself.

Happy Customer

Food brings different amounts of happiness but today I was happy inside and out, still can’t thank all my followers enough for coming down and trying my Taco.

Friday 28th March Flavour: Balsamic Pulled Beef with Molten Cheese Sauce, Crispy Cabbage Slaw and finished with Freshly Roasted Tomato Sauce.

Will I Be Seeing you next week ?

A bowl full of SOUL

Chargrilled Corn and Pickled Cucumber Salad

The Taco Takeover

Tomorrow I will be doing a pop up taco stall , It will be featuring; Succulent Bbq Pulled Pork on Handmade Flout Tortilla topped with Chargrilled Corn and Pickled Cucumber Salad with a dollop of Sour Cream.

I cook with soul and passion and tomorrow I will be sharing a piece of my own handmade tortillas to some very lucky punters. Be in quick as I only have 30 for sale.

Next week Friday 28th March, I will be doing the same however a new flavour;  Juicy Balsamic Pulled Beef on Handmade Tortilla topped with Molten Cheese Sauce, Crunchy Cabbage Slaw and Roasted Tomato Sauce.

If you’re in Dunedin New Zealand head down to Harbor Terrace, M Block Court yard at Otago Polytechnic and grab yourself a Tasty taco, its worth it!!