Ginger, Quince and Chinese Red Date Tea


Ginger, Quince and Chinese Red Date Tea

This tea is a great way to start of any day or end. Made with ripe quince, dried chinese red dates and ginger it has a strong well-balanced tea. This tea is full of beneficial nutrients like vitamin C, Iron and large amounts of fibre .The quince has natural anti-inflammatory property’s and is great for weight loss and lowering blood pressure. Check out this link for more info on quince.  Nutrition And



4 Quince, wash, core removed & large dice
1 large piece of root ginger, rough chop (around 10cm)
1 1/2 cup chinese red date*
2 ltr. water


  1. In a large pot combine ginger, dates, quince and water.
  2. Bring to a boil and reduce to a simmer after 5 minutes.
  3. Simmer for 25 minutes stirring ocassionly.
  4. Add brown sugar and stir well, taste. ( It may require another tbsp. of brown sugar, if you have a sweeter tooth.)
  5. Ladle into a cup and enjoy this flavour packed health beneficial tea.
  6. Once you have got your serve, add more water to the tea the quince, dates and ginger still hold large amounts of nutrients and flavour so adding more water just makes the great tea last longer.  Just be sure to simmer it before serving.

*You can find Chinese Red dates at any asian supermarket.


Preserving My Sunday

Fresh quality ingredients straight from the Otago Farmers Market to my kitchen bench.

Fresh quality ingredients straight from the Otago Farmers Market to my kitchen bench.

Jams and Preserves

Jams and preserves are perfect ways to hold on to and eat delicious fruit and vegetables when not in season. From pickles, chutneys to jams and sauces the possibilities are endless. One thing I have just started really getting into. Yesterday I made mixed berry jam and a few weeks ago I made Heirloom Green Tomato and Ginger Chutney. I think I have the preserving bug and what a great one it is to have!

  • Rhubarb, Vanilla bean and Granny Smith apple jam on the go today. Rhubarb and Granny smith apples from The Otago Farmers Market in #gigatowndunedin .
  • Omega Plum and Green apple Jam
  • Quince and Cranberry Jam

Check back later for the finished products and achievable recipes that anyone out there can make.