Bubble and Squeak Quiche Bites

bubble and squeak bites

My partner has just started studying and I wanted to make some wee snacks for him to take. We had a roast yesterday and there is heaps of roast vegetables and steamed cabbage left over. Cabbage and roast veges ,that’s a perfect combo for bubble and squeak then I thought why not make individual quiche bites. So here is the end result , I hope you enjoy! you can make the filling what ever you like.

Bubble and Squeak Quiche Bites


1 cup left over roast root vegetables, small dice (I used swede, potato, pumpkin)

1 cup steamed sliced cabbage

6 eggs, beaten

200gm shaved ham, rough chop

1 clove garlic, finely diced

Pinch salt and pepper

1/4c grated cheese

6x muffin cases


  1. Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees.
  2. Line 6 hole texas muffin tin with muffin cases.
  3. In large bowl combine all ingredients apart from the cheese, stir well to combine.
  4. Fill each muffin case with about 1/4 cup mixture, any left over divide evenly between the cases.
  5. Top with cheese and bake for 16-17 minutes until puffed and golden brown. Do not over cook as they will go soggy.

Makes : 6 medium individual quiches

A Success Story

Happy Days

Taco Takeover

So today I did my first pop up taco stall, selling 30 handmade tacos.

Friday 21st March; Bbq Pulled Pork on Handmade Tortilla topped with Chargrilled Corn and Pickled Cucumber Salad finished with Sour Cream.

Taco Time

I started selling my Tacos at 11.30am within 23 minutes I was sold out and had to turn away customers. However I did say come back next week, same time same place, NEW FLAVOUR!!

I cook with bold flavours, this pop up enabled me to share with my community a piece of my life. Food  is more than an energy to me it is my life and today I made a great achievement by sharing my love with others. See smiles on their faces after the first bites from them returning and saying that was delicious you should be proud. Thank so much to everyone who came down and supported me today if it wasn’t for you I would have had to eat a lot of Tacos to myself.

Happy Customer

Food brings different amounts of happiness but today I was happy inside and out, still can’t thank all my followers enough for coming down and trying my Taco.

Friday 28th March Flavour: Balsamic Pulled Beef with Molten Cheese Sauce, Crispy Cabbage Slaw and finished with Freshly Roasted Tomato Sauce.

Will I Be Seeing you next week ?

Happiness, Cupcakes and Family

Happy memories

Everlasting Memories

There are many different kinds of food in the world they all have one thing in common and they all bring happiness. It comes in many different forms to many people each in  different ways,  bringing back childhood memories, fun times with friends or even of times of travel . They all have a connection may it be too people or place or even both and bring back good times you will remember for a life time.

In late January of this year I was visiting my oldest sister her partner and my niece Madison (7) and Nephew Leon(5) in Sydney Australia. They are both at the age of wanting to help Aunty in the kitchen because I’m a chef and they think it’s a awesome job. So every night when I was there I had to little helps that were very interested in helping and watch Aunty Rob cook.

The end of the first week I decided to do something fun for the kids while mum and dad where at work so we decided to make cupcakes. I made a plain batch of chocolate chip velvet cupcakes, they got about 10-15 each and had to decorate them. Leon wanted blue icing and Madison wanted purple. I have them some bowls of sprinkles and things and it was their job to decorate them for mum and dad when they got home.

We had a fun afternoon and this is a memories I will cherish for a life time so many happy memories shared with my family surrounded by love, good company and food. Food creates special relationships and bonds with people and you can hold onto so many memories that are linked to food and food experiences.

Leons Cupcakes

 Happy memories

Madi hard at work decorating

People, Place and AMAZING Produce

Otago Farmers Market

Taste before you buy Southern Gold Peaches Delicous

Otago New Zealand is home to one of the largest Farmers Markets in New Zealand , where vendors come from all around the Otago region to sell their amazing produce to the people of Dunedin. I strongly believe that if you have a farmer’s market in your town, city or near by you should definitely head down and support the local growers and vendors that give a piece of their life and hard work to the community.

It’s not only the produce that makes it a great place but its the people , all greeting you with a smile and are willing to go above and beyond to share stories and talk about their products and produce. There is a strong sense of community at the Dunedin farmers market. A place that is welcoming and makes you feel very comfortable.

I went down to the market as I do most Saturdays to purchase my weekly fresh fruit and veges. I love to create tasty dishes with fresh local ingredients giving my piece back to the community by spending my money there rather than at a commercial supermarket.

This week I purchased some beautiful Southern Gold Peaches , I got to taste these peaches before I purchased them which I love , you can’t do that at the Supermarket!! All peaches have a different flavour and trying before you buy gives you a sense of the taste and bursts of flavour before you purchase. With my Southern Gold peaches  I am going  to make a white chocolate velvet cake with fresh stewed peaches which I will be posting about tomorrow and sharing the recipe.

If you have not been down to your local farmers market I suggest you do so! Everything is a great affordable price, top quality and full of a welcoming community of local growers.

Go on give it a go!!

Check back tomorrow for my recipe using my delicious Southern Gold Peaches.