The Land to the Sea

The Land to the Sea

The design brief was to create a dish which was inspired by a place within the Otago region, incorporating foraged ingredients.

The concept was based on the style and culinary influence of the great  René Redzepi, who takes inspiration from understanding his region, nature and environment.  He cooks dishes which have meaning and a story behind them.

Creating a dish which resembles Dunedin through my eyes. Dunedin has everything you could possible want surrounded by hills, mountains, forests, lakes, rivers and ocean you couldn’t ask for a better place.  From the tussock hills of Central Otago, seared Wild Venison following the land down to the sea, onion weed tarte tartin, arriving at the sea with a sea shore salad; pickled bladder kelp, buttered ice-plant and velvet seaweed and beach spinach puree. Resting upon a schist rock from central otago and fresh seaweed and coastal rocks which hot water is poured over to serve, creating the aroma of arriving at the beach.

This is my interpretation of the Land to the Sea.



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