Food Processor Cheesecake

Sometimes you just want cheesecake but without the hassle of whipping, folding and the hard work behind it right? I took to the drawing board and tested out food processor cheesecake, no mixing stiring or whipping required by you just a trusty food processor is required and a spring form cake tin.

Sounds easy right? Well it was and now it is my pleasure to share the recipe and the end result with you all.

Boysenberry and Lime Food Processor Cheesecake

2x Packets Griffins Gingernuts
150gm Butter, melted
500gm Creamcheese, room temp
3tsp Vanilla essence
3 Limes, zest and juice
500ml Cream
1/2cup Icing sugar
5tsp Gelatin powder + 1/4cup cold water
Boysenberry Gel
500gm Frozen Boysenberries
3/4cup Icing sugar
3tsp Gelatin powder + 1/4cup cold water


  1. Spray and line a spring form baking tin with baking paper, sides and base.
  2. Place broken gingernuts into food processor and blitz until fine crumb is formed, mix in melted butter and blitz until combined.
  3. Press into lined cake tin and refrigerate.
  4. In medium sized pot over a low heat add boysenberries and icing sugar.
  5. Cook until berries are defrosted and icing sugar is dissolved around 10 minutes, remove from heat and allow to cool.
  6. In clean food processor bowl add cream cheese, lime juice and zest, vanilla and icing sugar. Blitz until fine paste has formed, scrap down the sides and slowly pour in cream mix for 2 minutes. Do not over mix as the cream can turn to butter texture. Scrap down the sides of your mixer.
  7. Now to bloom both sets of gelatin, in two separate microwave safe bowls add cold water. In one sprinkle over the 5 teaspoons for the filling and in the other sprinkle over the 3 teaspoons for the gel.
  8. Allow these to sit until the powder has absorbed the water and a granually paste has formed. microwave each for 30 seconds to dissolve the gelatin.
  9.  Slowly pour your 5 teaspoons of bloomed gelatin into your processor containing your filling, scraping down the sides to ensure it is fully mixed.
  10. Pour filling over the set base and smooth out, return to fridge.
  11. Now your boysenberry gel is nearly cold stir in your second bloomed gelatin amount of 3 teaspoons, once fully mixed in, pour over setting cheesecake filling.
  12. Chill for 3 hours or overnight.
  13. Serve with whipped cream or yoghurt.

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