Best Brunch Ever


Made the most delicious breakfast/brunch/lunch using these beautiful baked Portobello mushrooms see the link below;
Asian spinach omelette with thyme and pepper baked Portobello mushrooms, baked streak bacon and Wattie’s NZ New 5 Beans in rich tomato sauce. This was the best meal on this snowy wet raining little bit of everything Dunedin day!

So all you need to make this delicious breakfast is:

1 Can Watties 5 Beans in Rich Tomato Sauce

6 pieces Baked Streaky Bacon

Thyme and Black Pepper Baked Portobello Mushrooms

Asian Spinach Omelette 

Now go ahead, treat yourself and make this for either breakfast, brunch or lunch.

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  1. […] Perfect start to any day, make my easy asian spinach omelette have it by itself during the week or with oven baked mushrooms and beans for brunch on the weekend. Best Brunch Ever! […]

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