New Zealand Venison


Fennel and Beer Braised Venison Shank with fresh Marrow served upon Creamy Garlic Mash and wine fried Green Cabbage

New Zealand the land of the long white cloud for many we call it home and I also call it paradise. With rolling hills, native forests, winding rivers and snowy peaks our country has it all.

We produce some of the best top quality meat here in New Zealand. Lamb, Beef and Venison are some of the largest meat exports from our country which go all over the world. Venison  is the star of tonight’s dish. Venison has more iron than beef and is lower in fat than skinless chicken. The range of farmers in new Zealand that are producing venison available in supermarkets is growing. Venison is one of my favorite meats , wild is even more delicious however today I am using store brought New Zealand farmed venison. I got 4 venison shanks from pak N save last week for $9.00 I thought this was a good deal. When adding a bulb of fresh fennel, carrots, onions, diced tomatoes and beer it bulks it out along way. Served upon creamy garlic agria mash and wine braised green cabbage you can’t get any better than this dinner.

As the days are cold and wet we are wanting house and heart warming meals, ones with hearty rich flavour that will keep you going. Here is an iron rich slow braised fennel, beer and venison dish with creamy mash and wine fried cabbage and venison marrow, best way to end a cold Dunedin day.

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