People, Place and AMAZING Produce

Otago Farmers Market

Taste before you buy Southern Gold Peaches Delicous

Otago New Zealand is home to one of the largest Farmers Markets in New Zealand , where vendors come from all around the Otago region to sell their amazing produce to the people of Dunedin. I strongly believe that if you have a farmer’s market in your town, city or near by you should definitely head down and support the local growers and vendors that give a piece of their life and hard work to the community.

It’s not only the produce that makes it a great place but its the people , all greeting you with a smile and are willing to go above and beyond to share stories and talk about their products and produce. There is a strong sense of community at the Dunedin farmers market. A place that is welcoming and makes you feel very comfortable.

I went down to the market as I do most Saturdays to purchase my weekly fresh fruit and veges. I love to create tasty dishes with fresh local ingredients giving my piece back to the community by spending my money there rather than at a commercial supermarket.

This week I purchased some beautiful Southern Gold Peaches , I got to taste these peaches before I purchased them which I love , you can’t do that at the Supermarket!! All peaches have a different flavour and trying before you buy gives you a sense of the taste and bursts of flavour before you purchase. With my Southern Gold peaches  I am going  to make a white chocolate velvet cake with fresh stewed peaches which I will be posting about tomorrow and sharing the recipe.

If you have not been down to your local farmers market I suggest you do so! Everything is a great affordable price, top quality and full of a welcoming community of local growers.

Go on give it a go!!

Check back tomorrow for my recipe using my delicious Southern Gold Peaches.

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