From my home to yours

Apple Heaven
Apple Heaven

Tonight I had a sweet tooth coming on so I decided to head to the fruit one ripe banana and 3 crispy golden delicious apples.
What next?
Well I am thinking a baked apple filled with a coconut milk and cinnamon caramel , fresh banana and served with white chocolate vanilla bean custard with French vanilla ice-cream. This is my choice of spending a night with great friends.

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 IMG_0161 Apple Heaven Custard and Ice-cream Complete apple heaven

Would you like this recipe to try at home? I PROMISE you will make your guests smile.

Comment below and I will post a recipe.

Its  a simple easy dessert on the table within in 30 minutes it has a beautiful contrast of flavours from tart apple too sweet caramelized banana and a velvety smooth vanilla bean custard. You will enjoy this as much as I did I PROMISE!

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